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Press fit (initial interpretation)
The Press fit (initial interpenetration) check box on the Convergence tab of the Static Analysis Definition dialog box can be selected or cleared only for analyses of models with contacts.
The Press fit (initial interpenetration) check box is cleared by default. All interpenetrations at contact surfaces will be modeled using the actual interpenetrations with a maximum of 5% of the model size.
Select this check box if a press fit condition exists in your model. You must set the value of Maximum initial interpenetration to the maximum amount of interpenetration in your model. This value must be a value between zero and the maximum tolerance, where the maximum tolerance is 5% of the model size. If Press fit (initial interpenetration) is selected, initial interpenetrations larger than this value are ignored. Specify the units of length or keep the default units.
This check box is available for a static analysis with contacts for all the convergence types, that is SPA, MPA and Quick Check.
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