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Number of Modes, All Modes in Frequency Range
Select one of these items to determine which modes Creo Simulate takes into account when calculating results for the analysis:
Number of Modes— Select this option to specify the number of modes you want Creo Simulate to calculate above a specified minimum frequency. You can enter or select a number from 1 to 9999 in the Number of Modes field.
If you select With rigid mode search, Creo Simulate includes rigid modes in the number of modes it reports.
This case, add the number of rigid modes to the number of non-rigid modes you want reported, so you get results for all the modes you want.
For example, a 3D model with no constraints has six rigid body modes. If you want four non-rigid modes, you should enter 10 for Number of Modes.
All Modes in Frequency Range—Select this option if you want Creo Simulate to report all modes within a frequency range. Use Minimum Frequency and Maximum Frequency to define the range.