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Localized Mesh Refinement
For a contact analysis, if you select Single-Pass Adaptive for the convergence method, you can use this option to improve the accuracy of contact pressure results.
You should select this item only if accurate contact pressures are an important objective for the analysis.
Creo Simulate automatically refines the element mesh to improve contact pressure results during the analysis if:
The contact area covers only a small portion of one or more element faces involved in the contact, a situation that can cause inaccurate contact pressure results.
You select Localized Mesh Refinement.
If the mesh refinement fails during the first pass, Creo Simulate continues with a second pass using the original mesh. During the second pass, you can view the results of the first pass. If you decide not to continue with the second pass, you can stop the analysis.
* For a standard design study comprising multiple contact analyses – if the first contact analysis has the Localized Mesh Refinement check box selected and the subsequent analyses have the check box cleared, the results are the same for all the analyses. This happens because in the design study the subsequent analyses without mesh refinement copy and use the refined mesh that was created in the first analysis and saved in the study directory. However, if you run the same two contact analyses separately without using a standard design study, you will get different results in each case.
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