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To Define the Load History for a Fatigue Analysis
This procedure assumes you are in the Fatigue Analysis Definition dialog box:
1. Click the Load History tab on the Analysis dialog box.
2. Enter in the Desired Endurance field the number of life cycles you want to include in the analysis.
3. Select a loading typeConstant Amplitude or Variable Amplitude.
Different options appear on the tab depending on the loading type you select.
1. If you selected Constant Amplitude, select one of the following options for Amplitude Type:
2. If you selected User-Defined in step 4, enter values for Min Load Factor and Max Load Factor.
3. If you selected the loading type Variable Amplitude in step 3, enter a load factor for each row in the table to define the amplitude curve for one life cycle.
You can use the Add Row button to add rows to the table, or the Delete and Clear All buttons to remove rows.
You also can import the load factor data from a text file directly into the table. Click the Import button and then select the file from the Open File dialog box.
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