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To Create a Static Analysis with Contact
Before carrying out a static analysis with contact, you must create contact interfaces in your model. If you want to see results for specific regions, you must define measures for your model. You can then use static analysis with contacts to find out how displacement, stresses, contact pressures, and measures affect the contacts.
1. Create a new static analysis, if you have not already created one.
On the Static Analysis Definition dialog box, the following items must be filled in: Name, Constraints, Loads, Convergence, and Output.
2. To run a large deformation analysis for a model with contact interfaces select the Calculate large deformations check box in the Nonlinear options area on the dialog box.
* If a model has contact interfaces the Nonlinear / Use Load Histories check box is selected by default and Contacts is highlighted in the Nonlinear options area.
3. To select output steps, see To Select Master Steps.
4. To ensure convergence of contact forces for a nonlinear static analysis with contacts select Check Contact Force on the Convergence tab.
5. Select Press fit (initial interpenetration) if there is a press fit condition in your model. Specify a value for Maximum initial interpenetration. Initial interpenetrations larger than this value are ignored.
6. Select Calculate detailed stresses at contact interfaces to calculate stresses at the contact interface. Note that this increases computation time.
7. Click OK to save the analysis.