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Analysis Types
Analysis Types
Linear Static Analysis
Non Linear Static Analysis:
Static Analysis with Large Deformation
Static Analysis with Contacts
Static Analysis with Elastoplastic Materials
Static Analysis with Hypereslatic Materials
Prestress Static
Prestress Modal
Steady-State Thermal
Transient Thermal
Vibration (part of Structure)
Dynamic Time Response
Dynamic Frequency Response
Dynamic Random Response
Dynamic Shock Response
* Fatigue analysis requires a separate software license. If you do not have a license, you can use Creo Simulate in demo mode.
When you run design studies, you have the option of running an analysis type called regeneration analysis. This type of analysis simply regenerates your model and is a means of running a design study without first having to run another type of analysis.
In addition to 3D analysis, Creo Simulate allows you to perform 2D analysis on one planar or multiple coplanar edges, curves, faces, or surfaces in your model.
Before performing 2D analysis on your model, you must select a 2D model type, the geometry on which you want to perform the 2D analysis, and a reference coordinate system. To read about selecting a model type, see About Specifying a Product, Mode, and Model Type. Before defining an analysis for a 2D model type, read Guidelines for Working with Model Types.
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