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Analysis and Design Study Workflow
This workflow shows the process of creating, modifying, and running analyses and design studies. You initiate all of these activities, as well as monitoring the progress of a run, from the Analyses and Design Studies dialog box. To access the dialog box, click Home > Analyses and Studies
Create an Analysis or Design Study
Create a new analysis or design study using the options on the File menu.
Modify an Existing Analysis or Design Study
Select the analysis or design study from the list and use the Edit > Analysis/Study menu option to modify it.
Set Up an Analysis or Design Study Run
Click Run > Settings to open the Run Settings dialog box to designate the output and temporary files and their format for the run.
Specify the solver and memory allocation you want Creo Simulate to use for the run.
Check Your Model
Check your model before you start the run using the Info > Check Model menu option.
Start and Stop a Run
Use the Run menu or the buttons on the toolbar to start orstop a run.
Use the Run Status window to monitor a run.
Select Info > Status or click Display study status to see more information about the run.
Run interactive diagnostics to troubleshoot run problems.