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About Creating and Running Analyses and Design Studies
Analyses and design studies provide information about your model's strengths and weaknesses under different conditions.
When you create an analysis, you specify the loads and constraints on the model and how you want Creo Simulateto calculate the effects of the loads and constraints on your model. You can run several different types of analyses depending on what you want to evaluate in results. For example, if you want to study the effect of fatigue on your model, you can create a fatigue analysis.
Design studies use one or more analyses to study the effects of changes to your model (standard studies), to see how sensitive your model is to changes (sensitivity studies), or to see what combination of parameters makes your model the best or strongest (optimization studies). For example, an optimization study might vary the material your model is made of to see which material is the strongest and withstands the most pressure.
Click Home > Analyses and Studies to create, modify, run, and monitor analyses and design studies. The type of model and the items you select in your analyses and design studies determine the quantities, locations, and displays that are available in results.
When you click Home > Analyses and Studies, the Analyses and Design Studies dialog box opens. Use this dialog box to define, control, and run analyses and design studies. In working with this dialog box, you typically follow a step-by-step process that begins with defining an analysis or study and progresses to running and monitoring the analysis or study.
* Creo Elements/Direct users who have a Creo Simulate license can export a part or assembly model created in Creo Elements/Direct to Creo Parametric. The exported part or assembly is saved in the Creo Parametric file format with the .prt or .asm file extension. Creo Elements/Direct users can launch Creo Simulate from a Creo Elements/Direct modeling session and create and run a Creo Simulate analysis. They can also update a previously created Creo Simulate analysis from Creo Elements/Direct. For details on how to run a Creo Simulate analysis from Creo Elements/Direct, refer to the topic “Performing and Updating Creo Simulate Analysis” in the Online Help for Creo Elements/Direct Modeling.