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Guidelines for Using a Custom Load Application
You can use a custom load in a force motor or a force or a torque. Select Custom load as the magnitude type on the Magnitude tab of the Force or Torque Definition dialog box, then choose an available pre-defined custom load from the Custom Load text box.
Make sure that the following setup conditions have been met in order to successfully run an analysis that uses a custom load:
The custom load application must be loaded before the analysis can be run. Set the mdo_cl_executable configuration option to identify the executable that contains the custom load. The value for the mdo_cl_executable configuration option is the full file path to the Creo Parametric TOOLKIT executable. In a Windows system, make sure that the path uses the “\” character as a delimiter.
Because the custom load application is loaded via the mdo_cl_executable configuration option, the standard registry file used for other Creo Parametric TOOLKIT applications is not required.
* The text directory for the custom load application is assumed to be located in the same directory as the executable.