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About Dampers
A damper is a type of load that you create to simulate real world forces on your mechanism. The force generated by the damper removes energy from a moving mechanism and dampens its motion. For example, you can use the damper to represent the viscous force that slows down the movement of a piston pushing fluid into a cylinder. The damper force is always proportional to the velocity magnitude of the entity on which you are applying the damper, and it acts in the opposite direction to movement.
* You can create a damper only if you have a Mechanism Dynamics license.
A damper created in Mechanism Dynamics is an assembly feature. Its values are valid parameters. You can edit a damper in both Assembly and Mechanism Dynamics. An existing damper will not appear in the Assembly Model Tree until the model is opened in Mechanism Dynamics.
Click to access the Dampers tab and create a damper.