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To Create a Trace Curve
Before creating a trace curve of the movement of a part of your mechanism, you must generate a result set from an analysis.
1. Click Analysis > Trace Curve. The Trace Curve dialog box opens.
2. Under Paper part, click and select a body as the reference for tracing the curve.
3. Under Trace, select Trace curve or Cam synthesis curves.
4. If you select Trace curve:
a. Click and select a point or vertex on another body.
b. Under Curve type, select 2D or 3D
5. If you select Cam synthesis curves, select a curve or edge, or a series of continuous curves or edges, on another body.
6. Select a Result set from the list of available sets. If you want to use a previously saved result set, click and select a result set from the Select playback file dialog box.
7. Click Preview if you want to look at the trace curve or cam synthesis curves.
8. Click OK to create a datum curve feature in the paper body for the current trace curve.
* If you want to save the datum curve feature, you must save the part in Mechanism Design.