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To Capture a Playback Result Set
1. Perform one of the following procedures:
Click Playback. The Playbacks dialog box opens, click .
Right-click a playback result set in the Mechanism Tree, and click Play.
The Animate dialog box opens.
2. Click Capture. The Capture dialog box opens.
3. Type a name, or accept the default.
4. Select a format from the Type list:
If you select JPEG, TIFF, or BMP, the playback is saved as a series of images with incremated file names (1- x).
If you select MPEG or AVI, choose a frame rate (25, 30 or 50fps).
5. Enter the width and height in pixels of the output file or files in the Image Size collector.
6. Click or clear the Lock aspect ratio check box.
7. Click or clear the Photorender frames check box. Click Render > Render Setup in the main tabs to set photorender options before capturing a playback. For more information, search for photorender the Help Center.
8. Select the Frame rate at which to record an .avi or an .mpeg file.
9. When you select .avi from the list, select the accept the default Uncompressed or configure compression:
a. Choose Select from list. The Video Compression dialog box opens.
b. Choose a setting from the list.
Compression settings cannot be undone once the playback has been captured.
AVI capture can fail for a variety of reasons. Make sure that all compression settings have been correctly configured or consult the relevant software.
10. Click OK to begin recording.