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About the Movie Schedule
When you play back the results of your analysis, you can specify on the Movie Schedule tab of the Playbacks dialog box which portion you would like to view and whether to display the elapsed time during the playback.
The Default Schedule check box controls whether you see the entire analysis. Clear the box to specify which portion of the analysis you want to see.
The Display Time check box controls whether you see the elapsed time in the model window during the playback. Clear the box to view the playback without a time display.
If you want to see a specific portion of the run, clear the Default Schedule check box. You can now choose from the following options:
Start Time—Specify the start time of the segment you want to view. The start time can be greater than the end time so you can play the movie in reverse.
End Time—Specify the end time of the segment you want to view.
After you specify a start and end time, click to add the segment to the list for playback. You can replay this segment multiple times by adding it to the list multiple times.
To change the start or end time of a playback segment, select that segment and edit its values. Click to update the segment in the list.
To delete the movie segment, select it and click .