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To Export Loads to Creo Simulate Structure Mode
To use this procedure you must have an assembly open in Mechanism Design and have run an analysis.
1. Click Analysis > Use in Simulation. The Load Export dialog box opens.
2. Select a result set from the Result Set list.
3. Click in the Body area and use normal selection methods to select a body on your model. The body name and all available loads for this body and result set are displayed in the Load information area.
4. Click in the Component area and select a part or subassembly on your model or in the Model Tree.
5. Select one of the following methods in the Evaluate at area:
Time—Enter a real-number value for the analysis time.
Start—Analysis start time
End—Analysis end time
Single max. load—Select a load from the list for which you want the maximum. The analysis time at which that maximum occurred is displayed.
Max. for all loads—Maximum values for all loads
6. To exclude a listed load in the transferred load set, clear the check box beside the load in the Load information list. All loads are selected by default.
7. Click OK.
8. Click File > Save to save the model.