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Guidelines for Exporting Loads to Creo Simulate Structure Mode
Keep the following in mind when you create load sets to transfer to Creo Simulate Structure Mode:
You can only save one load set with each component file. Part files have .prt extensions, and assembly files have .asm extensions.
If you save a load set in a component file a second time (in the same or a different session of Mechanism Design), the second export will overwrite the first one.
If you create a load set for a particular analysis, and then rerun the analysis, the values of the load set with the new analysis results are not automatically updated. You must create the load set once more.
Each load set includes only measurable loads for a single body.
The same units are used for the loads and the component to save the load set.
You must run an analysis in the same session of Mechanism Dynamics in which you create the load set.
After you save a load set with a component file, you must open that component file in Creo Simulate to access the load set. If the component is a part or subassembly that is part of a top-level assembly, you cannot open the top-level assembly and access the Mechanism Dynamics load set.
Load export is only available for Creo Simulate Structure Mode.