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About the Load Export Dialog Box
Click Analysis > Use in Simulation to access the Load Export dialog box. Define a load set based on the following types of dynamic analyses:
Result set—Select one of the analysis result sets you generated in the current session. You can use results from dynamic, static, or force balance analyses.
Body—Select the body on your assembly that will be used to evaluate loads during the selected analysis.
Component—Select a part, subassembly, or assembly. The load set is saved as part of the component's file. Choose a component that is part of the body you selected for load evaluation.
Evaluate at—Select one of the options on the list to define how the software will evaluate the loads you include in the transfer load set. For force balance and static analyses, this area is inactive and End is the default.
Start or End—The beginning or ending time for the analysis and the load list displays values for all loads at that time.
Time—Enter a positive real-number value for the time in the entry box. The load list displays the load values for that time, and the model changes to the appropriate position for that analysis time.
Single max. load—The time during the analysis at which a particular load is at its maximum is determined and all the loads are evaluated at that time. When you select this option, a list appears containing all the available loads. Select the load of interest to display the analysis time when the load value is the greatest. The load list displays the maximum value for the selected load, and the value for all other loads at the same analysis time.
Max. for all loads—The maximum value for each load in the list is displayed, regardless of when this occurs during the analysis.
Load information—A list of the loads associated with the selected body, with the magnitude for each load as specified by the Evaluate at option. Check the boxes beside the loads that you want to include in the load set to transfer to Creo Simulate.
When you highlight a load, a shaded arrow appears on your model indicating the direction of action for the force, moment, velocity, or acceleration.
Click or to select or clear all the load check boxes at once.