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About the Mechanism User Interface
Use the commands on the Mechanism tab to move, evaluate, and analyze your mechanism model.
Information Group
Use these commands to display information on the model in the browser.
Summary—Displays a summary with information on entities in the model.
—Displays a list of mass, center of gravity, and inertia for components in the model.
—Opens the Entity Display dialog box.
—Displays a detailed summary of all entities in the model.
Analysis Group
Use these commands to analyze the mechanism.
Mechanism Analysis—Opens the Analysis Definition dialog box.
Playback—Opens the Playbacks dialog box.
Measures—Opens the Measure Results dialog box.
Analysis—Click the arrow to display additional commands.
Trace Curve—Opens the Trace Curve dialog box.
Use in Simulation—Opens the Load export to Structure dialog box to export a load to Creo Simulate.
Motion Group
Use this command to move components and take snapshots.
Drag Components—Opens the Drag dialog box.
Use these commands to create connections for the mechanism.
Gears—Opens the Gear Pair Definition dialog box.
—Opens the Cam-Follower Connection Definition dialog box.
—Opens the 3D Contact tab.
—Opens the Belt tab.
Use these commands to configure forces on the mechanism.
Servo Motors—Opens the Servo Motor Definition dialog box.
—Opens the Force Motor Definition dialog box.—Opens the Force or Torque Definition dialog box.
—Opens the BUSHING LOAD tab.
—Opens the SPRING tab.
—Opens the DAMPER tab.
Properties and Conditions Group
Use these commands to assign properties and conditions to the mechanism.
Mass Properties—Opens the Mass Properties dialog box.
—Opens the Gravity dialog box.
—Opens the Initial Condition Definition dialog box.
—Opens the Termination Condition Definition dialog box.
Bodies Group
Use these commands to manipulate bodies in the mechanism.
Highlight Bodies—Highlights the different bodies in the mechanism assembly.
—Opens the Connect Assembly dialog box.
—Opens the Redefine Body dialog box.
—Highlights bodies in the graphics window for you to review the different components in each body.