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About the Expression Graph Dialog Box
Access this dialog box from the Expression Definition dialog box. Use it to specify the variables used when plotting your user-defined function. The software generates a preview plot of the expression by using the primary variable for the X axis over the given Range and the constant values for the other variables in the expression. When you select a primary variable, the software categorizes any other variables in the expression as secondary variables. The Expression Graph dialog box includes these items:
A noneditable Primary Variable area
For servo motors, force motors, forces or torques, this displays the variable you selected in the Motor tab.
For user-defined measures. This area includes a list with all of the variables in the expression. Select the variable that you want to use as the independent variable for the plot.
A Range area including text boxes for Start and End values that are used to plot the primary variable
A Secondary Variables area listing the other variables included in the expression. This area appears only for expressions with more than one variable.
Enter a value for each secondary variable. The value of the expression is plotted against the primary variable, keeping the secondary variables fixed at the entered values.
When you click OK, the Graphtool window opens with the defined plot.