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To Enter Motor Information
Use the Motors tab on the Analysis Definition dialog box to add, delete or select motors to be used in the analysis definition of all analysis types. The Motors tab is used slightly differently for each type of analysis.
All analyses:
By default, all motors that exist in the model at the time that you create the analysis are included. Edit the analysis definition and click to explicitly include motors created after the analysis definition has been completed.
Click on the Motors tab to include a previously defined motor in the analysis. This motor is, by default, the first entry in the list. When you select , you include one instance of every motor that exists in the model in the analysis.
Default From and To values are the Start and End times of the analysis time domain.
Click the column headings on the Motors tab to sort motors alphabetically or to sort the From and To times numerically.
Kinematic and position analyses:
You can control the start and end times of servo motors for kinematic and position analyses. You can start one motor, turn it off, and start another within your analysis run. This allows more flexibility when creating an analysis. Control your servo motors by editing the From and To time domains on the Motors tab.
You cannot use geometric servo motors in kinematic analyses. These motors do not appear in the list of possible servo motors for kinematic analyses.
You can either give a numeric value for From or choose Start,representing the start time of the analysis,from the list in the From column. The To column is also an entry box with an End option that represents the end of the analysis.
If time value is invalid, the value is set to the Start or End of the analysis, as appropriate.
Dynamic, static, and force balance analyses:
Both servo and force motors may be used for dynamic, static, and force balance analyses. Servo motors are active for the duration of these analyses. The From and To times for servo motors are uneditable.
Geometric servo motors (servo motors that drive points or planes) do not appear in the list of possible motors in dynamic, static, or force balance analysis. They have no effect on these analyses.
All motors are active for the duration of static and force balance analyses.
Because you can define multiple motors for an entity, be sure to keep track of which motors are included or excluded at any time. To avoid analysis failure and inaccurate results, activate only one motor for an entity at a time. For example, if you create a zero-position servo motor and a constant nonzero velocity servo motor on the same rotational motion axis, do not activate both motors for the same analysis. Also, if you define two force motors on the same motion axis and activate both in the same dynamic analysis, the resulting applied force will be the sum of both motors.