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To Create Loadcell Locks
For this procedure you must be on the Analysis Definition dialog box, and have selected Force balance under Type.
1. Click and select a body point or vertex where the balancing force will be applied.
2. Select a body. The software uses the LCS of this body to reference the direction vector. The point you select does not have to be on this body.
3. Define the direction vector for the force by entering X, Y, and Z components. A magenta arrow appears at the point, showing the direction of the force.
* You may not be able to see the arrow if your model is shaded.
4. If you want to create another loadcell lock, repeat steps 1 through 3. The loadcell locks are named Loadcell Lock#, where # is a number that is incremented as each loadcell lock is added.
* Only one loadcell lock can be active in a given analysis.