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To Create Cam-Follower Connection Reaction Measures
1. Click Measures. The Measure Results dialog box opens.
2. Click . The Measure Definition dialog box opens.
3. Type a descriptive name for your measure, or accept the default name.
4. Select Connection reaction under Type.
5. Select a cam-follower connection. The name of the cam-follower connection and the units for the reaction measure are displayed under Type. An arrow appears indicating the direction of action on the selected body. No arrow appears if you select Slip as the component.
6. Select a Component:
Axial force
Radial force
7. Select Body 1 or Body 2 in the Exerted on area. The LCS of the selected body is used to report the measure.
8. Select one of the following evaluation methods:
Each time step
Root mean square
At time
9. If you select At time, enter a real-number value greater than zero in the Time entry box.
10. Click OK.
11. Graph the measure.