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About Quantity for User-Defined Measures
Use these options on the Measure Definition dialog box for User defined measures to specify which units to apply to your measure. The table below includes sample, default, units which expresses length in inches, mass in lbm, and time in seconds.
Dimensionless (default) (none)
Energy (in^2 lbm/sec^2)
Length (in)
Density (lbm/in^3)
Angle (deg)
Mass (lbm)
Velocity (in/sec)
Moment of Inertia (in^2 lbm)
Rotational Velocity (deg/sec)
Area (in^2)
Acceleration (in/sec^2)
Volume (in^3)
Rotational Acceleration (deg/sec^2)
Translational Stiffness (lbm/sec^2)
Force (in lbm/sec^2)
Rotational Stiffness (in^2 lbm/(sec^2 deg)
Torque (in^2 lbm/sec^2)