Mechanism Design and Mechanism Dynamics > Mechanism Design > Creating Mechanism Models > Measures, Graphs, and Evaluation Methods > Measures > Other Measures > To Create System Measures
To Create System Measures
1. Click Measures. The Measure Results dialog box opens.
2. Click . The Measure Definition dialog box opens.
3. Type a descriptive name for your measure, or accept the default name.
4. Select System under Type.
5. Select a Property from the list:
Degrees of freedom
Kinetic energy
Linear momentum
Angular momentum
Total mass
Center of mass
Total centroidal inertia
The units for the property are displayed under Type, as are any components you can measure for that property.
6. If necessary, select a component to measure, and a frame of reference to express the measure.
7. Select an evaluation method for Kinetic energy, Linear momentum, Angular momentum, Center of mass, or Total centroidal inertia measures:
Each time step
Root mean square
At time
8. If you select At time, enter a real-number value greater than zero in the Time entry box.
9. Click OK.
10. Graph the measure.