Mechanism Design and Mechanism Dynamics > Mechanism Dynamics > Initial Conditions > To Create an Initial Condition
To Create an Initial Condition
1. Click . The Initial Condition Definition dialog box opens.
2. Type a new name for the initial condition or use the default name.
3. Accept the Current Screen default in the Snapshot area or choose a previously created snapshot from the list.
4. Define velocity:
Click for point velocity.
Click for motion axis velocity.
Click for angular velocity.
Click for tangential slot velocity.
5. Use normal selection methods to select a reference entity from the model. Choose a point, motion axis, vertex, part, or slot-follower connection, depending on the icon selected. If valid, the list area displays the velocity type.
6. Specify the velocity vector Magnitude.
7. For Point Velocity and Angular Velocity, specify the Direction of the velocity vector.
8. Select or clear the velocity type check box in the Velocity conditions list.
9. Click to determine the compatibility and validity of the initial conditions.
10. Click OK.