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To Define Gear Pair Orientation
Use this procedure to adjust the relative spatial orientation of the bodies in a previously created gear pair.
1. Click Drag Components. The Drag dialog box opens.
2. Open the Snapshots list. On the Constraints tab, click . Select the icon of the gear connection that you want to disable. The constraint appears in the list.
3. Click and drag the bodies in the gear pair to the desired configuration.
4. Click again to reconnect the gear pair. To delete a constraint, highlight it and click .
5. Click to take a snapshot. The snapshot is added to the list on the Snapshots tab.
6. If you are running a kinematic, position, force balance, or static analysis, select the snapshot for the Initial Configuration.
7. If you are running a dynamic analysis, use the snapshot to define an Initial Condition for your analysis.
You can also use the Motion Axis Settings dialog box to redefine the zero position of the motion axis.