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Tip: Running an Analysis
The following key points may help when analyzing your model:
If the mechanism does not behave as expected, the problem may be caused by too many or too few degrees of freedom. Add or remove constraints, using the locked entities section of the analysis definition to resolve the problem.
An analysis run can be saved and stored as a result set (.pbk) file. Click Playback to play back the result set in the same session.
If the analysis run indicates that the mechanism could not assemble at particular frames, you may have defined motors that require the mechanism to assemble in an impossible configuration. This could be due to an error in the way you defined the motor, a conflict between multiple motors, or motors attempting to move a joint past its limits. Examine the mechanism at the last successfully assembled frame and determine if the motor definitions are appropriate.
After you have run an analysis, you can animate the mechanism to ensure the mechanism moves as desired and check for interference between parts. You can also create graphs for key quantities, including reaction measures, or motion axis positions, velocities, and accelerations.