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To Save and View Position or Kinematic Analysis Results
After you run a position or kinematic analysis, make sure to save the results as a playback file for use in another session. Click Playback to open the Playback dialog box and save, restore, remove, or export analysis results. You can use the results in several ways:
Check for interference—Play back the analysis from the Playback dialog box.
View data—Click Measures and create and graph measures:
To monitor the position of points and motion axes during a position analysis by creating a position or a separation measure.
To measure the velocity or acceleration of points and motion axes when running a kinematic analysis.
To evaluate the position measure at each time step of an analysis, then plot the change in value after running one or more analyses. To use any of the other evaluation methods (Maximum, Minimum, Integral, Average, Root Mean Square, or At Time), you must create the measure before you run the analysis.
To plot the values of Analysis features during the analysis.
To save the graph of measures to a table file.
To learn the DOF and number of redundancies in your model.
Create a trace curve—After you run a kinematic analysis, use the results to generate a trace curve. Trace curves are a graphical representation of the motion of your mechanism. Use them to create cam profiles or datum curves.
Create a motion envelope—Save results as a motion envelope file that represents the volume swept by parts on the mechanism during a motion analysis. The motion envelope file is considered a part.