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About the Belt and Pulley User Interface
The Belt user interface consists of tabs, commands, and shortcut menus. A belt and pulley system is identified by in the Mechanism Tree. Click to open the Belt tab.
References—Displays the pulley placement references and the belt plane.
Options—Displays the pulley body definition and the number of belt wraps.
Properties—Displays the name of the belt and pulley system. Click to open feature information in the browser.
—Sets the user-defined unstretched belt length
—Sets the belt stiffness for calculating the forces on the pulleys due to belt tension.
Shortcut Menus
Right-click a belt and pulley system in the Mechanism Tree or in the graphics window to access additional feature-specific commands:
Belt Plane—Select a planar surface or a datum plane to route the belt.
Pulley selections—Select the pulley references to route the belt.
Clear—Clears the reference collector.