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To Set Motion Axis Settings
To follow this procedure, you must have already created or be in the process of creating a servo motor.
1. Select a servo motor on the animation timeline, right-click and choose Edit Servo Motor from the shortcut menu. The Motor tab opens.
2. Click on the References tab. The Motion Axis dialog box opens. The type of motion axis selected appears in the top box.
3. Select component and assembly zero references.
4. Click the drag handle to set the model position or enter a new value for angle or distance in the Current Position box. If a value is outside the set minimum and maximum range limits, an error message appears.
5. Click . The value entered in the Current Position field becomes the Regen Value.
6. To use this value as the regeneration value, click the Enable regeneration value check box.
7. Click Dynamic properties to set restitution and friction values.
8. Click to preview your model with the new settings.
9. Once the model moves as required, click , then click on the Motor tab.
For more information about motion axis settings, search the Help Center.