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About the Animation User Interface
The Animation tab consists of commands, tabs, and playback buttons. Click Applications > Animation to open the Animation tab.
Model Animations Group
Use these commands to create new animations, to view animations, and define animation settings
Animation Settings—Opens the Settings dialog box.
Animation Interpolation—Opens the Interpolation dialog box.
Animation Display—Opens the Entity Display dialog box.
New Animation—Click the arrow to display options for creating new animations.
Explode—Opens the Define Animation dialog box to define an explode animation.
Snapshot—Opens the Define Animation dialog box.
Import from MDO—Opens the Define Animation dialog box to import a playback file.
Playback Group
Use these commands to playback and export an animation.
Playback—Opens the Playbacks dialog box.
Click Playback to display the Export—Exports the animation FRA file to your working directory.
Create Animation Group
Use these commands to create and manage your animations.
Key Frame Sequence—Opens the Key Frame Sequence dialog box.
Event—Opens the Event Definition dialog box.
Remove—Removes the selected entities in the animation timeline.
Manage Key Frame Sequences—Opens the Key Frame Sequences dialog box.
Click Create Animation to display additional commands.
Selected—Allows editing of the selected object.
Subanimation—Opens the Include in Animation dialog box to include a second animation in the selected animation.
Graphic Design Group
Use these commands to change the timeline display.
View @ Time—Opens the View at Time dialog box.
Trans @ Time—Opens the Transparency at Time dialog box.
Style @ Time—Opens the Style at Time dialog box.
Mechanism Design Group
Use these commands to define movement and bodies in the mechanism assembly.
Drag Components—Opens the Drag dialog box.
Servo Motor—Opens the Servo Motor Definition dialog box.
Manage Servo Motors—Opens the Servo Motors dialog box.
Connection Status—Opens the Connection Status dialog box.
Lock Bodies—Opens the Lock Bodies dialog box.
Body Definition—Opens the Bodies dialog box.
Timeline Group
Use these commands to change the display of the timeline.
—Zooms in on the timeline.
—Zooms out on the timeline.
—Resets the timeline zoom level.
—Opens the Animation Time Domain dialog box.