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Conditions and parameters in the Properties panel for the Multiphase module are described in this section.
Conditions under the Multiphase module are listed below:
Components—Add or delete immiscible fluids, such as oil, water, and air. The components are named comp_1, comp_2, in sequence. You can rename a component by double-clicking on the tab containing its name. The fluid properties of the components are specified in the appropriate modules which are Flow, Heat, and Common.
Converge Criterion
Maximum Courant Number
Solve Options—Choose whether to solve transport equations for n components, which is All Equations, or for (n–1) components, which is One Less Equation
All Equations—A transport equation is solved for each component. If, after updating, the volume fractions computed for all the components do not add up to one, then they are scaled proportionally such that they add up to one.
One Less Equation—(n–1) transport equations are solved if there are n components. Components selected for solution are those with the highest density, such as, if water and air are the two components, water is selected for the solution. The volume fraction for the component not solved directly is determined by the equation (1– sum of volume fractions of other components).
Conditions and Parameters in the Properties Panel
In the Flow Analysis Tree, under Domains, select a fluid domain. Then in the Properties panel, you can see the following conditions and parameters for the Multiphase module:
Material Property
Boundary Conditions
Initial Condition and Source
Material Property
Boundary Conditions
Initial Condition and State