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Conditions under the Common module are listed below:
Number of Iterations
Time Definition
Simulation Time (Duration)
Number of Time Steps
Result Saving Frequency
Mesh Update Frequency(Iterations)
Cycle Computation Interval
Additional Output Files
Conditions and Parameters in the Properties Panel
In the Flow Analysis Tree, under Domains, select a fluid domain. Then in the Properties panel, you can see the following conditions and parameters for the Common module:
Density—Provides options to set the value of the density (kg/m3) of the material in a given Volume. The Density option is specified for a selected domain under the Common module in the Properties panel.
You can specify density in the four ways listed below:
Constant Density
Ideal Gas Law
Isentropic Gas Law
Compressible Liquid
Porosity—Provides options to set the value of the porosity of the material in a given volume. A porosity of 1 corresponds to a fully open volume (m3) while a value of 0 (zero) is fully closed. This does not affect the velocity at a boundary. That velocity is treated as if the boundary were fully open. Porosity, by itself, does not introduce any drag into the flow; that effect is activated using the resistance model in the Flow module.
Porosity affects the Heat module by reducing the volume of material heated in each control volume. This does not affect the conductivity of the material for the Heat module.
These options apply to mixture and components in multicomponent mixing and multiphase models.
Common Output
Volume Remesh