Piping > Manufacturing > Solids in Non Spec-Driven Piping > Using the Pipe Solid Dialog Box
Using the Pipe Solid Dialog Box
The Pipe Solid dialog box performs several functions:
Creates a pipe solid from a segment in an assembly
Uses a Start Part in the Copy From box to create a new pipe solid
Creates a pipe solid with a new name in the SOLID NAME column
The Pipe Solid dialog box has the following options:
Active Assembly—Contains the name of the active assembly you select under Select Assembly.
Segment Tree—Displays the tree structure and the names of the pipe segments in the assembly you have selected.
SEGMENT—Segment names in the piping assembly
SOLID NAME—New name that you have changed from the original Piping solid part name.
START PART—Name of the original part that is in the template directory.
The Segment Tree also displays an icon of the new pipe solid.
Make—Creates a new pipe solid that appears in the Creo Parametric window.
Erase—Reverts the pipe solid to a pipeline segment and erases all parts from the session.
Copy From—Goes to a template directory of Piping template parts from which you choose a part.
OK—Sets the chosen Start Part to all selected pipe segments.