Piping > Pipeline Modification > Modifying Pipe Options > Using the Modify Pipeline Dialog Box
Using the Modify Pipeline Dialog Box
The Modify Pipeline dialog box lets you modify several options in the active assembly, the corners, parameters, line stocks, and flex shapes. In the Active Assembly area of this dialog box, click and select the assembly to activate in the Creo Parametric window.
In the Modify Options area, the following choices appear.
Corner Type—Select types and values of single or multiple corners.
Line Stock—Set the values of selected single or multiple segments.
Parameters—Modify Pipeline and Bend parameters.
Flex Shape—Modify the line shape of a flexible hose between Fixed and Free length.
Flow Direction—Select the flow unit and change the direction of the flow.
When you click an option under Modify Options, the last area in the dialog box changes. For example, if you click Corner Type, a Corner group box appears. You need to select a pipe segment corner to change it to a Bend, Fitting, or Miter Cut in the New Type box and to modify the value of the bend or fitting in the appropriate boxes.
If you click the Parameters option, the Parameters group box opens.
In the Parameters area, you can select Pipe Line under Pipe Line Parameters or Bend under Bend Parameters to modify these parameters. If you click Pipe Line, the Edit Pipeline dialog box opens. If you click Bend, the Bend Parameters dialog box opens.
If you click the Line Stock option, the Line Stock group box opens.
Modify the line stock listed in the Modify Linestock drop-down box with the Edit option or create a new line stock with the Create new option. If you click Create new, enter the line stock name at the command prompt.
If you click the Flex Shape option, the Flex Shape group box opens.
Modify the Flex Shape by selecting a flexible pipe segment. The Modify Shape group box contains two shapes that you can change, Fixed Length and Free Length. If you click Fixed Length, the Length box activates with a number you can modify.