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User-Defined Bend Parameters in Report Tables
Using the LineStock dialog box, you can view and modify parameters for all pipe bends in an assembly. You can access these parameters in report tables using the following parameter: &asm.mbr.pipe.segment.csys.bend.User Defined.
You can create default user-defined bend parameters by specifying them in the line stock file. When you specify them in the line stock file, the system applies them only when creating the bend during routing or when you change a corner to a bend when the line stock is active.
These parameters have no effect on an existing bend if you assign a new line stock to the segment, change the value of the default bend parameter in the current line stock, or add a bend parameter to or delete one from the current line stock.
Any new bends that you create after changing or modifying the line stock of the pipeline have the new default parameters and values of the current line stock.
Bends that you create by modifying a corner to type Bend acquire their default bend parameters from the current line stock for the segment.
As an alternative to creating default bend parameters in every bend, you can choose to assign parameters only to bends that vary from the standard, and then use report relations to assign a default value for bends without the parameter for the report table.