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To Use a Piping Template Part
1. In the Pipe Solid dialog box (or Pipe Solid), under Active Assembly, click Select Assembly and select a pipeline segment in the assembly. The pipeline segment is highlighted.
2. Under Segment Tree the tree structure and the names of the pipe segments in the assembly you have selected appear.
SEGMENT—Segment names in the piping assembly
SOLID NAME—New name that you have changed from the original Piping solid part name.
START PART—Name of the original part that is in the template directory.
Copy From—Goes to a template directory of Piping template parts from which you choose a part.
3. Click Make to create a new pipe solid that appears in the Creo Parametric window.
SOLID NAME—Allows you to change the name of the Piping solid part to a new pipe solid name before you make the pipe solid.
OK—Sets the chosen Piping template part to all selected pipe segments.