Piping > Design Rule Checking and Piping (Report) Information > Spec-Driven Pipeline Reporting > Spec-Driven Designatable Pipe Reporting > To Use the Show Report Setup Information
To Use the Show Report Setup Information
1. Click Piping Info. The Report Pipeline dialog box opens.
2. Click . The Designatable Reports dialog box opens.
3. Under Info Type, click Show Report Setup.
4. Click and select a pipe segment or coordinate system in the graphics window. Saved reports for bend machine, bend location, holes, or clocking angle information display in the Names Designated for Report Setup list.
* You can select a pipe segment or a coordinate system only from an active assembly.
5. Select a report from the list. The report appears in the Results box.
6. Click Info to display the reports in a separate INFORMATION WINDOW.
7. If required, click Remove to remove a selected designated report or click Remove All to remove all designated reports.