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To Set Thick Pipe and Thick Insulation Display in Drawings
1. Open a piping assembly.
2. Set the following configuration options to yes:
3. Click . The New dialog box opens.
4. Click Drawing.
5. Accept the default File name or enter a new one.
6. Click OK. The New Drawing dialog box opens.
7. Select a Template and click OK. The drawing opens. Three default drawing views appear in the graphics window.
8. Select a drawing view, right-click, and choose Properties from the shortcut menu. The Drawing View dialog box opens.
9. Select View Display from the Categories list. The View display options are listed.
10. When the Display style is not Shading, you can set a Pipe and insulation display option:
Default—Displays the default appearance of pipes for the piping assembly.
Centerline—Displays pipe centerlines. Insulation is not displayed.
Thick pipes—Displays thick pipes. Insulation is not displayed.
Thick pipes and insulation—Displays thick pipes and insulation.
11. Click Apply to apply the change. Continue configuring the Drawing View properties, or click OK.
* To verify the change of display style, click Info > Drawing View, the INFORMATION WINDOW opens.