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To Replace a Bend with an Elbow
When a pipe piece fails the check of the bend clamp length, you can replace the selected bend with an elbow.
1. Click Modify. The Modify Pipeline dialog box opens.
2. Under Active Assembly select the active assembly.
3. Under Modify Options, select Bend to Elbow. The Replace Bend dialog box opens.
4. Under Select pipeline(s), select one or more pipelines and click OK.
5. A list of invalid pipe pieces display under Select Invalid Pipe Piece.
All the segments and bends of the selected invalid pipe piece display under Select Bend To Replace, the invalid ones are highlighted with a symbol next to them. Those are the ones that violated the minimum clamp length defined in the bend machine file inside the Master Catalog.
6. Under Select Bend To Replace, select the bend adjacent to the invalid segment to be replaced by a fitting corner type.
7. Click OK to apply the changes and close the dialog box. The elbow fittings are inserted automatically when you apply the changes.