Piping > Routing > Points on a Segment > To Remove a Pipe Segment
To Remove a Pipe Segment
1. Click Edit Segment > Remove Pipe Segment. The Pipe Remove Segment tab opens.
2. Select the pipe segment to remove.
3. Select a fitting to move. You can also select a group of connected fittings and segments.
4. Click Options. The Options tab opens.
To create new pipe segments for maintaining pipeline connectivity, select Enable automatic connect.
5. Click References. The References tab opens.
To select a different segment or fitting, right-click in the Segment collector and choose Remove from the shortcut menu.
6. To change automatic boundary selection, press SHIFT and continue to select segments or click Details. The Segment Collection dialog box opens.
7. Select a Rule:
Single Segment—Selects a single segment.
Seed & Boundary—Selects all pipe segments from the start segment to all boundaries.
8. Click inside the Bounds box and select the group of connected fittings and segments in the Graphics window.
9. Select Included or Excluded in the Segment Collection dialog box.
10. Click OK.
11. To edit the pipe segment length, click and do one of the following:
Drag the fitting in the Graphics window to reduce the pipe segment.
Specify the length of the remaining pipe segment in the text box and press TAB.
* The option to remove pipe segment is selected by default.
12. Click .