Piping > Pipeline Modification > Spec-Driven Pipeline Modification > To Modify the Bend Parameters
To Modify the Bend Parameters
1. Click Modify. The Modify Pipeline dialog box opens.
2. Under Active Assembly select the active assembly.
3. Under Modify Options, select Bend Parameters. The Bend Parameters dialog box opens.
4. From the menu, click Edit > Columns > Add/Remove. The Bend Parameters Columns dialog box opens.
5. Under Not Displayed, Bend Params must be selected. If it is not, select it from the list.
6. In the Name input box, type in a name for the parameter.
7. Click to add the name to the Displayed area. You can manipulate this list using the following:
—Removes a name from the list.
—Moves a parameter up in the list.
—Moves a parameter down in the list.
Type a value in the Width box to change the column width. Optionally, use the spin wheel to change the value.
8. When you have created the bend parameters, do one of the following:
Click Apply to add the changes and keep the dialog box open.
Click OK to apply the changes and close the dialog box.
9. In the Bend Parameters dialog box, a column is displayed for each added parameter. To modify the parameters, click in the parameter column next to the feature you want to modify and fill in or change the information.
10. Click OK to apply the changes and close the dialog box.