Piping > Pipeline Modification > Modifying Pipe Options > To Modify a Corner Type
To Modify a Corner Type
1. Click Piping > Modify. The Modify Pipeline dialog box opens.
2. Under Active Assembly select the active assembly.
3. Under Modify Options, select Corner Type.
4. Under Corner, select the corners you want to modify.
5. In the New Type box, select a new corner type from the list.
* The New Type box displays only those corner types that are specified in the line stock of the selected pipe.
If you select a corner of type Bend, the Bend Radius box displays the default values for the bend radius defined in the line stock. Select the required bend radius value from the Bend Radius list.
The values in Bend Radius reflect the values present in the line stock. You can also enter a new value by typing.
* The Bend Radius box is available only when you select the new type as Bend.
If you select a corner of type Miter Cut, the Cut Length box displays a default value for the miter cut length. The Cut Number box displays the default value for the cut number. If more than one value is specified for the cut number in the line stock, select the required cut number value from the Cut Number list.
The Cut Length and the Cut Number fields are available only when you select the new type as Miter Cut.
6. Click OK to apply the changes and close the dialog box.