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To Manage External References
The Reference Viewer and Reference Control tools (available with the Design Manager functionality) enable you to manage these external references by doing the following:
1. Define the scope in which to create external references to other models in the context of an assembly. You can restrict any component to reference only the skeleton model of the subassembly to which this component belongs, or only components within that subassembly.
2. Define how the system will behave when you attempt to create an external reference that violates the defined scope.
3. Identify the features in a model that have external references as well as the chain of dependencies from the feature to the referenced entity.
4. Obtain information about those models that have external references to a specified model.
5. To control the settings of these reference control and investigation tools, set the configuration file options allow_ref_scope_change, default_ext_ref_scope, and scope_invalid_refs.