Piping > Pipeline Modification > Editing Pipelines > Specification Break in Spec-Driven Piping > To Insert a Specification Break
To Insert a Specification Break
1. Click Applications > Piping. The Piping tab opens.
2. Click Operations > Add Spec Break. The Specification Break dialog box opens.
3. Under Select Start Segment/Fitting, select a fitting or pipe segment on the pipeline to start the specification break.
4. Under Select End Segment(s)/Fitting(s), select one or more pipe segments or fittings on the same pipeline where you specified the start for the specification break. Spec-Driven Piping ends the specification break at this selection. The selected end segments or fittings appear in the Select End Segment(s)/Fitting(s) box.
If you want the new specification that you have selected to be propagated till the end of the pipeline, do not use the Select End Segment(s)/Fitting(s) option.
If the pipeline that you selected has one or more branch segments in the downstream direction of the segment or the fitting that you selected to start the specification break, select more than one fitting or pipe segment to stop the specification change along each branch of the pipeline.
5. Under Select Specification, the various specifications for the selected fitting or the pipe segment are displayed. If required, select a different specification name from the list.
6. Click OK to propagate the selected specification for the pipeline components between the start and end locations that you specified.