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To Generate a Bend Machine Table
1. Click Piping Info. The Report Pipeline dialog box opens.
2. Under Info Type, click Bend Machine.
3. Under Definition, click and select a pipe segment.
4. Click Designate for Report Setup to make the information available in a Drawing report table. The bend machine information is displayed under Results.
* All segments with a bend angle of 1.4° or less will not appear in the report.
5. Click Info. The INFORMATION WINDOW opens. This window contains the bend machine information table which displays the bend number, offset, twist angle, bend angle, and bend radius.
6. Under Saved Analyses, specify a name for the saved information and click . The name appears in the Saved Analyses box.
* You can regulate the number of decimal places displayed under Results by specifying the value for the default_dec_places configuration option. The default value is 2.