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To Delete Insulation in Spec-Driven Piping
Use the following methods to delete insulation assigned to pipelines:
1. To delete the insulation assigned to a part of a pipeline, click the arrow next to Insulation.
2. Click Delete Insulation and select the insulation to be deleted from the graphics window.
To delete the insulation assigned to the entire pipeline:
1. Click Modify. The Modify Pipeline dialog box opens.
2. Under Active Assembly select the active assembly.
3. Under Modify Options, select Edit Pipeline. The Edit Pipeline dialog box opens.
4. Clear the Insulation option to delete the insulation.
Using the Model Tree to Delete Insulation
1. Open the assembly containing the pipeline and the insulation to be deleted.
2. In the Model Tree, locate the assembly containing the insulated pipeline and corresponding the insulation feature. You can delete the following types of insulation features:
Insulation Features—Stores the insulation data (codes, names, thickness, sizes, and so on) for a pipeline. Spec-Driven Piping identifies the insulation features by insulation code.
Insulation Segment Features—Stores the start and end points for insulation on part of a pipe segment. Note that the insulation segment feature is a child of the related insulation feature. If you delete an insulation feature, Spec-Driven Piping deletes all related children, including the insulation segment feature, if applicable. If you delete the insulation feature from an insulated pipeline that also contains a partially insulated segment, all insulation data will be deleted.
* If you have assigned insulation to a pipeline, the entire pipeline is the child of the corresponding insulation feature. In such a case, if you delete an insulation feature, the entire pipeline is deleted.