Piping > Routing > Routing in Non Spec-Driven Piping Mode > To Create a Line Stock
To Create a Line Stock
1. Click Setup > Line Stock and select Create. You are prompted to type a name.
2. Type a name for the line stock. The LineStock dialog box opens.
3. Type Stock No, Material, and Grade values or leave the defaults.
4. Under X Section, click Rectangular or Circular.
5. Under Section Type, click Hollow or Solid.
6. In the Pipe OD box, type the outside diameter for a circular pipe. Type a Height, Width, and Angle for a rectangular pipe. In the Thickness box type a value for the pipe wall thickness.
7. For Shape Type and Corner Type, click the check boxes for one or more items.
8. To set the defaults, click the Shape Type and Corner Type option required.
9. For Weight/Length, type the values.
10. When the corner type is Bend, enter the Bend Radius and Bend Angle values.
11. When the corner type is Miter, type the Miter Cut Length and Miter Cut Number values.
12. Click Save. The Save a Copy dialog box opens.
13. Name and save the .stk file.
14. Click OK on the Save a Copy dialog box.
15. Click OK.