Piping > Routing > Routing in Non Spec-Driven Piping Mode > To Create a Branch
To Create a Branch
1. Click Branch.
2. Using the BRANCH TO menu, do one of the following:
Click To Point. Select a connect point or create one using these commands in the PNT DIM MODE menu:
Offset—Measures the distance from a selected reference plane.
Length Ratio—Expresses the distance from the point to the end of the segment nearest the selected point as a ratio of the segment’s total length. Represents the resulting fraction in decimal form. The point retains the relative position along the length of the segment corresponding to any changes that you make in its length.
Actual Len—Measures the distance from the nearest end of the segment. The point stays at that fixed distance from the end regardless of any changes you make to the length of the segment.
Click Perpendicular to create a branch perpendicular to a pipeline.
3. Select a straight portion of a segment in the same assembly and part of a different pipeline.
Fittings cannot be placed at branch points. A straight break tee fitting can be used if desired.