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To Convert Spec-Driven Piping Assemblies
You can convert Spec-Driven Piping assemblies to Non Spec-Driven Piping assemblies. This allows you to use the existing pipe systems in the Non Spec-Driven piping design mode.
1. Configure Spec-Driven Piping for the User-Driven piping design mode.
2. Create or open a Spec-Driven piping assembly to convert.
3. Clear the Spec Driven check box. Spec-Driven Piping considers all pipelines as Non Spec-Driven.
Every pipeline in the active assembly must be converted because the Non Spec-Driven mode permits different line stock assignments for each pipe segment.
All existing fittings remain Spec-Driven. So, if you convert the pipeline to Spec-Driven, Spec-Driven Piping selects and inserts all Spec-Driven fittings according to the pipeline specification.
Pipe solids failure can occur due to pipeline size changes.