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To Change and Update Outside Diameters
You can change pipe outside diameters (OD) in a specification or line stock and update the current model with the changes.
1. Locate the Pipe Master Catalog file for the selected pipeline or line stock. The default path for these files is <Creo load directory>/text/piping_data/master_catalog/pipe/. For example, pipe_steel.csv.
2. Open the file in an editor such as Microsoft Excel and change the outside diameter value for a selected line stock. Save all changes.
3. Update the model. Click Setup > Update Model. The Update Model dialog box opens.
4. Under Select Assembly, click and select the assembly to which you want to apply the changes.
5. Under Model Information, click .
6. Click OK. The Confirm Cancel dialog box opens. Click Yes to confirm the update. The dialog boxes close and Spec-Driven Piping updates the active assembly information. Spec-Driven Piping confirms the update in the Message Area.
7. Regenerate () to apply the changes to the piping model displayed in the graphics window.
8. Verify the changes. Click Piping Info. In the Report Pipeline dialog box, select Type > .
9. Click and select a pipe segment in the graphics window. Note that the segment must be from the updated assembly. Spec-Driven Piping displays the pipeline information in the Information Window.